50 Years of Dressler Automation

50 Years of Dressler Automation

Dressler Automation employees and their families celebrate the 50th anniversary in Schoppenstedt.

50 Years of Dressler Automation

It’s a day of big here at Dressler Automation as we celebrate a major milestone: 50 years of operations since our founding in 1970. While the day was full of celebration and fun, it was also a chance to reflect on the road so far.

Dressler Automation was founded in the small town of Schöppenstedt, Germany, near major manufacturing and automotive hubs. Originally doing business as “Dressler Steuerungstechnik und Ingenieurbüro” (Dressler Engineering and Controls Technology), engineers and technicians offered services in the newly emerging field of robotics. The company grew quickly, taking the name Dressler Automation in 1977, and soon opened a second building for software development in 1987.

Further developments happened as the company developed expertise in commissioning and system integration. In 2010, the first overseas branch was established in Chattanooga, Tennessee, home to major manufacturing operations like Volkswagen and Gestamp. The event was quickly followed in 2012 by the commencement of further US operations in Greenville, South Carolina. In 2018, Dressler Automation became shareholders of Formhand Engineering, a German producer of robotic gripping modules.

In 2019, development began on our newest innovation. Called RoboLive®, it’s a one-stop software solution for the commissioning, analysis, and quality assurance of robotic production processes. The RoboLive® team spent a long time perfecting the software, and are now taking to trade shows around the world as the public release approaches. And of course, 2020 marks 10 years of Dressler Automation’s operation in the United States, an occasion being commemorated by a lot of celebration and the opening of our new office building. But the greatest milestone of all is the company’s 50-year anniversary on October 2nd.

The party was held at the original company building in Schöppenstedt, Germany. In addition to great food and music, COO Jan Riethmüller offered reflections on 50 years of milestones and accomplishments as a company. And of course, we were treated to a speech from Ralph Dressler, current company president.

While the anniversary celebrations are a great chance to look back on our company’s history, we’re also looking forward towards the future. Whether through planning, electrical design, or robotic commissioning, Dressler Automation is committed to setting the standards in industrial automation. To keep up with our latest news and updates, follow us on LinkedIn.


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