2020 Teamwide Football Party

2020 Teamwide Football Party

2020 Teamwide Football Party

It’s football season once again, and here at Dressler Automation we’re a part of the party. This fall we all gathered around to have a fun football viewing party at our new office in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Outfitted with a lounge, kitchen, and giant flat-screen, it’s everyone’s favorite place to eat and meet during breaks from our work as experts in manufacturing automation

We also discovered that it makes the perfect viewing party spot. So our whole team gathered around with a ton of snacks and spirit to watch the big game.

While we’re no stranger to holiday events—we host something every few months to have fun and relax—the football watch party might have been our biggest success yet. We’re already looking forward to next year’s event.

2020 is a year of celebration in our offices. We’re currently commemorating the 50th anniversary of Dressler Automation’s founding in Schöppenstedt, Germany, and 10 years since our first office opened in the United States. We’ve have been dedicated to excellence in manufacturing automation now for half a century, and are looking forward to the next years to come.

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