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Using advanced automation, we seek to positively influence work processes and environments in order to make the most effective use of resources and experiences.

A Solution 50 Years in the Making

Since 2023, we are exclusively focussing on RoboLive®, our software solution for commissioning, analyzing, and quality assurance of robotic production processes.

Our goal is to help all robot-supported production plants worldwide to achieve greater resource efficiency, energy savings and reduced effort in order to contribute to a more sustainable world.


Project management support and specification development.


Electrical system design and schematics drawing.


Application, controls and robot programming.


Ramp-up production support and specific training programs.


Virtual and on-site commissioning of controls
and industrial robots.

A man stands in front of several industrial robots.
First Customer In Alabama
When Mercedes decided to build the new C-class also in Vance, AL, we helped getting the new equipment going. The project started in Bremen, Germany a little earlier, allowing us to apply our experience from that location to the project in the USA. A relationship that lasts.
Emden - Retuschiert
New Customer Location In Mexico
When Audi decided to build its new plant for the next version of the Q5 not in Chattanooga, but in San Jose Chiapa, Mexico, we supported the engineering from our Chattanooga office and on-site.
travis hero
VW Passat Second Facelift
With the US-Customers being used to frequent updates in the exterior and interior design Volkswagen has adjusted to this demand and decided to introduce another facelift for the US-version of the Passat. Our biggest project yet in the USA.
Atlas – The Second VW Model Built In Chattanooga
It took a long time for this decision to be made, but now the future for this manufacturing plant looks bright. We will do our best to make it a success.
It Started As A Project
After VW decided to build a manunacturing plant in the USA again after many years without one, we received an order for the bodyshop framing lines. It all started on a big empty lot in Chattanooga, TN which was once an ammunition depot. The first car to be produced there was the US-version of the Passat.


The company was founded in 1970 when few computers existed outside universities and the military. All controls and logic were hardwired and massive cabinet walls with that technology inside were installed in production environments. From then on everything became smaller and shifted from hardware to software solutions.

Currently, programming and commissioning are becoming one and are shifting from being present at the equipment to virtual. The next logical step is to return to being present at the equipment but this time with augmented reality.  We aim to help manufacturers integrate technology and meet the challenges posed by Factory 4.0.



RoboLive® is our solution for the commissioning, analysis, and quality assurance of robotic production processes, which we originally developed to aid our own commissioning projects.

RoboLive® includes five elements for identifying, preventing, and eliminating weak points before and during production. Integrated into the local network, the software automatically retrieves the actual process data from robots, connects them with the planned nominal data, and generates insights and understanding of the manufacturing process. The visualized results are available to all users at any time.

In combination with our personal support, we guarantee individual solutions both in pricing and in the integration and implementation of the products and standards.


We’re looking for flexible team-players that are eager to learn, care about establishing high standards and are willing to build strong knowledge bases.

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