50 years Dressler Automation

We celebrate our 50th anniversary in Germany!

2020 is our year of anniversaries: After our American site celebrated its 10th anniversary at the beginning of the year, we now celebrate half a century of Dressler in Germany!

A lot has happened in 50 years: Founded in 1970 as “Dressler Steuerungstechnik und Ingenieurbüro”, the company has grown steadily. In 1997 the company was renamed Dressler Automation and in 2010 the second location was founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We can proudly say: We have accomplished a lot over the years.

As is well known, pleasure follows work. So on October 02, 2020, we celebrated our anniversary. For this purpose we converted our treasured company headquarters, an old farmhouse in Schöppenstedt, into a festival arena. In their speech, Ralph Dreßler, our Managing Director, and Jan Riethmüller, the COO of our US subsidiary, recalled the great milestones and minds from 50 years of Dressler Automation. And then we celebrated with old and new companions, tasty food and great live music as our farm has probably never seen before.

To the next 50 years!